My 2nd ride was GRRRRRRRRRRReat!  I rode with one other guy, Andre, who couldn’t make it and/or got locked out during the morning time slot.  I set us up to ride Ironman New Zealand.  Before I knew it, 45 minutes had whizzed right by!  We were chatting a lot…I learned about his family (2 daughters, one is in med school in Germany, the other is a 17 year old student here), the frequency of his travels (he goes away on business nearly every week…and not just to Chicago or NYC—he has to go to Tokyo next week, he’s frequently in Germany & other various parts of Europe & Asia.  He’s done 2 Ironmen, I believe both in Europe.  I told him about my time plans & he thinks I’m exaggerating the times & that I can even come under 13.5 or 13 hours!  WOW!  That made me really smile!  I mean, if I lose another 20lbs, my running will greatly improve, my biking should naturally improve as well, that will shed off lots of time!  It’s certain a goal I’ll strive for through the next 9.5 months. He also complemented me on my swimming.  He said he was amazed to watch me & how fast I was.  As I lose fat, the buoyancy will naturally be lost as well, which will slow me down.  I just hope by trying to get faster now, it won’t slow me down too much if I become much lighter.  Mentally, I hope I’ll be ok with possibly slowing down in the water in the future. 

In this 2nd session, I wound up riding 23.5 miles in 1:15.  My avg speed was 17.5 or 18 (I surged at the end & never looked at my average speed again) My watts were pretty high, well over 200 for much of the ride.  That tells me, if I continue to improve from now until July, I have a shot of getting the 26 miles of the KIC IT ride down to 1:22 or better!  I can probably take another 8-10 minutes off my run also.  That gets me excited!

My legs felt much more fluid & fresh in this ride too.  I did stretch about 30 minutes after the first ride with the foam roller, lacrosse ball & stick roller.  I did the same stretch at the end of the 2nd ride, so hopefully this means my legs will feel fresh tomorrow for my 7 miler. 

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